June 20, 2012

Pro-Choice Is Not Freedom

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 02:06
I have not touched this blog for quite some time… in the midst of my absence, my father, who I've cared for for 14 consecutive years, passed away peacefully at our home August of 2010 followed with four back surgeries for my husband… it's been quite a ride.

Since then, I am happy to say that my family has happily relocated to South Florida this May of 2012. With all that has happened, I find myself visiting my blog at yet another election year… ha, isn't that what inspired this blog a little over 4 years ago… lol…

My views on things then remain the same today - I feel that this election is vital for our nation yet I am not sure if it will matter as things seem different.

Different how?

Well, I no longer am as concerned with Democratic vs Republican - we know 'the club' will choose our next President anyway but, I am convinced that we are in the biggest fight of good vs evil that has occurred and how we handle this 'fight' will determine the future of our nation and world. This evening my heart is heavy with what has always been a concern with me: abortion. But now we have 'gender abortion' to deal with as well…

As a woman, and a mom, I can't, for the life of me, understand how abortion could be freedom for any woman or, for that matter, how abortion could be a choice… Are we really that self absorbed? If a woman is given a choice, shouldn't the unborn child be given a choice? oh, I forgot, most don't believe the unborn is a child… Well, that perhaps is the biggest lie anyone has been told or fooled into believing and we have no right to terminate a pregnancy under any circumstances - that, my friends, is strictly 'a God thing'.

I believe that this election is crucial to the point that all God-fearing Christians stand firm in solidarity and do not vote 'luke-warm' or we will feel the wrath from our own decisions. I am witnessing too many Christians follow leaders who give empty promises willing to sacrifice core values.

This year get informed; get educated and do not rely on political gibberish to sway you - we are all being lied by our leaders and those lies will not lead to a better America, however, if we look above to He who we removed for our country, we will get the wisdom and guidance on what to do. The first thing on our agenda, in my viewpoint, is to get rid of all leaders who back abortion so we can get it straight with God… abortion is murder and nothing justifies eliminating the life of a child… God help us now and always!


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