December 3, 2008

Alone Is Alone And Not Alive

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 01:18
As an artist, I am often asked if having a family “cramps my style." Wouldn’t it be better to be alone and spend entire days creating without any interruptions?

Wouldn’t it?


Sometimes, just when I am on a “roll" my daughter comes in my office to ask me something she’s asked me a million times. Or, my husband will insist that I eat dinner at the table when I’d much rather continue doing what I’m doing. Or my father will ask me for the upteenth time when his next doctor appointment is.

Yes, sometimes a family is inconvenient when you are a creative.


…I think of the alternative: being alone. Never to be told, “I love you" with “that look;" never to be hugged with jelly covered hands; and never to be protected “because you are mine."

No, if I were to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alone is alone and not alive and, even with all of the interruptions and inconveniences, I know I am alive. As I pen these short thoughts, I think of an old Broadway song, “Being Alive," by Stephen Sondheim:
Someone To Hold You Too Close,

Someone To Hurt You Too Deep,

Someone To Sit In Your Chair,

To Ruin Your Sleep,

To Make You Aware

Of Being Alive....

Someone To Need You Too Much,

Someone To Know You Too Well,

Someone To Pull You Up Short,

To Put You Through Hell,

And Give You Support

Is Being Alive....

Someone You Have To Let In,

Someone Whose Feelings You Spare,

Someone Who,

Like It Or Not,

Will Want You To Share,

A Little A Lot,

Is Being Alive....

Someone To Crowd You With Love,

Someone To Force You To Care,

Someone To Make You Come Through,

Who`ll Always Be There,

As Frightened As You

Of Being Alive,

Being Alive....

No, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alone is alone and not alive. Thank you Lord for my family and "all the little annoyances" that comes with being loved…

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Judi Lynn Lake has kept up with leading edge business trends throughout her varied and successful career. She had already had her "15 minutes of fame" over and over again before starting her family. Judi and her family now reside in South Carolina, but, having been born and raised on Long Island, NY, it is clearly evident that she will always be a "New Yorker." Today, she successfully runs her own advertising agency which handles everything from logos, branding and package design while she continues to work closely with self-published authors from design to promotion. For more information, visit


The following video, Being Alive - Company - Patti LuPone, courtesy of You Tube.

3 comments on "Alone Is Alone And Not Alive"

Lori on 12/3/08, 11:25 PM said...

Once again, you touched my heart. The past few days have been ... well, not so great. BUT, I am blessed with the love of my sweet husband and two sons and your post reminded me of the blessings of belonging. That is very, very sweet indeed.

...and thank you, Judi, for your dear comment on my blog. It meant so much to me! The Holy Spirit must've whispered to you just what to say.

Martha E. on 12/4/08, 8:54 AM said...

Thanks for sharing, and your site is well done and easy to navigate

Angela on 12/4/08, 8:54 AM said...

What a great site. I have not ever heard that song, Being Alive, but the lyrics are so profoundly true. I definately want to hear it. Thank you for making a safe haven for folks like me..


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