August 13, 2009

Make Money Defending 'ObamaCare'

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 15:32

Did you know that you can earn $400 - $500 a week defending Obama’s Health Plan?

It’s true!!! Check ad out [currently posted on Craigs list]:


DEFEND President Obama's Health Care Plan over August Recess! $500+/wk (Capitol Hill)

Now is our chance to make health care work.

America's health care system is broken. Health care costs are spiraling out of control, throwing families, businesses and government into financial crisis. Families are worried their health coverage won't be there when they need it. Our country can't afford to wait for health reform that keeps costs down and protects consumers.

We can't wait for affordable, dependable health care.

We're fighting for health care that will protect families' financial health, lay out a clear path for all Americans to afford health care, and improve patient safety and quality care.

You can work for change this summer.
Join motivated staff around the country working to make change happen. You can make great friends and money along the way. Earn $4000-$6000 this summer.

To apply for a job, visit our website——or call Chris at [202-546-3965.]


Could it be that our president's a little desperate?

What part of “we don’t want it” does Obama not get?

As Madam Speaker [Pelosi] ignorantly labeled those of us who are against ObamaCare as being “un-American” quite the contrary is true... American's are simply being lied to by her leader's over and over and over again...

WE ARE AMERICA and we will not be silenced until our voices are heard and we return to the “we the people” government.

It is important to attend any and all town meetings in your area [with respect but persistence]. Do not be afraid: we, as true American’s, have a right to stand up for truth while utilizing freedom of speech. Click here for a listing of every Town Hall Meeting. If your state is not listed, click here to contract your state congressman.

And finally, click here and sign the Stop the ObamaCare petition right now. Let your voice be heard and let it be today!


EDITORIAL NOTE: As I was pinging this blog, a window appeared within my browser stating: this site has been blacklisted due to it's objectionable material. Now in all fairness, I haven't been 'blacklisted' by all but was surprised none the less. Would I have been 'safer' had I chosen to write about pro-Obama issues? Makes you wonder, eh? My decision, however, is to remain blogging as I do, afterall, to my knowledge, this is still the 'land of the free' -- is it not? God help us!

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