February 19, 2009


Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 21:59
Greetings Friends!

Since I've intended this blog to be a "safe-haven" for all Christians to share "life as it happens," I am thrilled to step aside today for guest blogger, Omega In Christo. If anyone else is interested to "guest author" on this blog, feel free to e-mail me at judi@judilake.com. Please be advised that all material is subject for approval.

In the meantime, following are Omega In Christo's thoughts for the day:

Perilous & Opportune Times

Never in the history of civilization and Christianity has any nation been made the reluctant and (agonizingly so) the custodian of the world.

In order to survive, this country now has to be in every festering seedbed of terrorism throughout the world. We are in a bizarre war. It is a type of war that has never been fought before. In our country, the enemy not only flies in our planes with lethal effect but, in foreign lands, infiltrates innocent families and blows themselves up with nightmarish effect.

It is the Jihad of the Moslem world.

What can we do?

Yes, we are sending our men and women in to foreign lands and they are being wounded and dying. We are learning by bitter experience how to fight. Militarily, we are using different weapons that will require us to learn the language, the culture and even the religion of the Arab world, but will we have victory? Is a "democratic" government possible for the Muslim people of the Koran? Will a tenuous peace run by an elected government succeed? With these people, we will have to rebuild the infrastructure to include new roads, schools, hospitals and restored industries.

Will that be enough?

There is an obvious third dimension. If we are believers in the spiritual world, we will have to concede that we are fighting good versus evil. If we are a nation under God with liberty and justice for all -- if we are a nation run by the people, for the people and with the people -- then the spiritual world of this people is ultimately Christian. If we know our history, we will admit that our founding fathers accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We will also admit that this belief allowed other religions and beliefs to live in freedom under the law.

We are now living in electronic glass houses in which the whole world sees our intimate political and moral behavior. The greed, lust and duplicity of our country stand blatantly before the entire world. We are morally and economically on our knees.

Will a trillion dollars be enough?

If we believe that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate strategist of history -- if we believe in the love of the Father -- if we believe that the cross, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, we must change, repent and seek forgiveness.

The mighty Roman Empire died because of corruption, while the blood letting of the Christian martyrs and the holiness of the faithful brought victory. This is not a call for a violent crusade but a conversion for our country. Through the power of the Holy Spirit the Muslim people will see the Spiritual dimensions of our reluctant role as custodian of the world they will then through the grace of God cleans himself or herself from the Jihad.

There is much more to this quest and story...


The following video, Sanctify, courtesy of You Tube.


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Scott on 2/23/09, 11:48 PM said...

Good work, site loaded fast and easy to navigate. Gets to the point. Hi Judy! I'm back again, I dig the 'Guest Blogger" idea you are using. Keep up the Good Fight!.


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