June 5, 2009

As The “Annointed One Speaks” The World Stands Still

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 01:22

I must “assume” that by now, most realize that my reference is not about Jesus Christ but…

Barack Hussein Obama.

First he says that America “is no longer a Christian nation” and now [America] “is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Oh, and did I hear him offer some of our stimulus money to the Saudi’s?

Mmmm…. I sure am relieved that it is “he” who is leading us.

Regardless of the context of his message, I am [righteously] angry; our President should always stand strong and never denounce the Judeo-Christian principles our country was founded on. (Besides, isn’t atheism and witchcraft the fastest growing movements in the US these days?...)

For the sake of our children, I really don’t care how many people I anger. I’ve never seen a country get flushed down the toilet faster than since Obama took office.

Yes, America was in trouble before but Obama has rapidly put the golden touches on her demise.

While many have praised Obama’s Cairo speech, I found it full of weakness and naiveté as I wonder if he had forgotten 9/11?

I didn’t, and, as a native New Yorker who walked through ground 0 only four days after the attack while looking and praying for lost loved ones, will never forget it… never.

Terrorists are terrorists and they cannot be rehabilitated.

While Obama is staunchly discrediting America in his ‘apology tours,’ let’s review exactly what is meant by Judeo-Christian values (Excerpt taken from Wikipedia):

Judeo–Christian (sometimes written as Judaeo–Christian) is a term used broadly to describe a body of concepts and values thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity. This tradition is considered, along with classical Greco-Roman civilization, a fundamental basis for Western legal codes and morality.

In particular, the term refers to a moral tradition based on shared religious scriptures, referred to as the Tanakh in Judaism and the Testament by Christians, including particularly the Ten Commandments. It implies a continuation of values represented by this religious heritage in the modern Western World. Michael Novak has identified the distinctive value of the Judeo–Christian tradition as the joint concept of liberty and equality based on Genesis, where all humans are said to be created equal, and Exodus, where the Israelites flee tyranny to freedom. Thomas Cahill has discussed Jewish belief in progress and moral responsibility as a characteristic of American culture that can be traced to a Judeo–Christian reading of the Bible….

…The evolution of Judeo–Christian influence on America is most commonly the subject of historians looking at the development of republicanism in America. The deep roots of Judeo–Christian values they explore go back to the Protestant Reformation, not the theological battles but the bloody struggle to win the right to translate the Bible into vernacular languagesThis led to a religious mandate for public education so that ordinary people could read the Bible. According to some authors, this development was crucial to the birth of the Enlightenment and rebellion against divine right of kings….

…In the American context, historians use the term Judeo–Christian to refer to the influence of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament on Protestant thought and values, most especially the Puritan, Presbyterian and Evangelical heritage. These founding generations of Americans saw themselves as heirs to the Hebrew Bible, and its teachings on liberty, responsibility, hard work, ethics, justice, equality, a sense of choseness and an ethical mission to the world, which have become key components of the American character, what is called the “American Creed.” These ideas from the Hebrew Bible, brought into American history by Protestants, are seen as underpinning the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Other authors are interested in tracing the religious beliefs of America's founding fathers, emphasizing both Jewish and Christian influence in their personal beliefs and how this was translated into the creation of American institutions and character.

To these historians, the interest of the concept Judeo–Christian is not theology but on actual culture and history as it evolved in America. These authors discern a melding of Jewish thought into Protestant teachings—which added onto the heritage of English history and common law, as well as Enlightenment thinking—resulted in the birth of American democracy….”
And, so, Mr. President is the foundation for what was [once] the greatest country in the world. Father God, for the sake of our world and your children I ask that you remove my anger and have mercy on us. I beg You to touch every heart in Washington, especially our president, so that our decaying America might be healed.


The following video, God Bless The USA, courtesy of You Tube.

4 comments on "As The “Annointed One Speaks” The World Stands Still"

miss mary on 6/5/09, 8:32 PM said...

wow! That was awesome. I am so with you. I agree with all you said. I really didn't know anyone out there spoke their mind like me. (In a good way) Good for you. We need more sites like this one. Thanks for posting and sharing.
God Bless

Kelly Heinz said...

Thanks for your post. It's mind boggling that we have a president who is so overtly anti-American and so many Americans refuse to recognize this. I feel like our biggest threat is the enemy within. So scary...where do we go from here? Thanks for including the video of 'God Bless the USA'...watching it gave me hope. It's an uphill battle but not over yet.

Carol on 6/6/09, 4:39 PM said...

Thanks for the post. My heart is so sad it often refuses to keep beating. I have never been this sad and I don't understand why people cannot see what is happening. And I have to say, every once and while I wish I didn't know. I pray that God helps us. And God Bless you.

Margaret on 6/9/09, 5:58 PM said...

Thanks for posting the God Bless America video. Your site is very uplifting.


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