June 25, 2009

Guest Author, Robert Melaccio, Sr.

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Greetings Friends!

Since I've intended this blog to be a "safe-haven" for all Christians to share "life as it happens," I am thrilled to step aside today for guest author, Robert Melaccio, Sr. If anyone else is interested to "guest author" on this blog, feel free to e-mail me at judi@judilake.com. Please be advised that all material is subject for approval.

In the meantime, following are Mr. Melaccio, Sr.'s thoughts for the day:


The Answer To All Starts At 3:OO PM
Each Day
At The Foot Of The Cross

We are, in my opinion and by the prophecy of God to Saint Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in my Soul, in a time of grace and God’s mercy before He will shortly return as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to meet out justice upon the earth.

Now you who may scoff and reject stop to think of the Word of God. He who procl
aims Jesus come in the flesh is of God, John 4. Yes and God has appeared to many throughout history and given them His prophecy. To the meek, humble and lowly has He appeared?

So why 3:00 pm each day? Why is this time so critical? Well it is at this hour that God opens His heart and ears to all who call upon Him in remembrance of His passion death and crucifixion at 3:00 pm on Calvary. God stated in this prophecy that “He will refuse nothing of the soul that comes to Him” as described in Sister Faustina’s diary.

Now great trials are coming upon the Catholic Church and Christianity. Religious persecution will come and is already growing each day. Many will suffer for their stance and some will even be martyred for their faith. Many do not want to know this and prefer the belief they will be raptured away. Yet God Himself speaks to those who will be killed for His name and sent to prison and suffer before kings, rulers and judges.

As God stated and the apostles warned, we know that evil has entered the churches with many follow false doctrines and beliefs. Many Saints have given their witness and prophecy concerning the days we are living and yet many reject those warnings, following the doctrines of men, they close their eyes and ears to God. Testing not the message or messenger they just totally reject out of ignorance and false teaching.

So this day I urge you who seek to search every avenue that uses to speak to His chosen, elect for He calls those who’s names are written in the Book of Life to repent, come home, be ready for His return.

Yes, it starts at 3:00 pm each day in prayer, repentance, and asking for mercy not only for you and yours but for your enemies, and all in the world. It starts when we all join into the church of the Last Days. That is a church of the original church, a belief in God and His Word. The doing of His works and the sharing of our surplus for the love of our neighbor. Yes in prayer and humble submission that which the world and yes even denominations know little of.

Yes it is united prayer, humble prayer, faithful prayer that God expects and we must practice. Do you who profess God believe in His Word, then you will recognize whom He sends as they did before His birth and the world rejected and the apostles after His resurrection that they also killed for His sake. Are we any better then the many who died a martyr’s death for love of Him in faith? That is the trial that is the test that we pray we do not suffer. Yet are you ready should it be required of you?

The answer to all starts at 3:00 pm
each day at the foot of the Cross.

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The following video, 3 O'clock Prayer / 3 O' clock Habit (Original),
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Very important site. my prayers are that your site leads people to Jesus. Full of info Thanks God Bless.


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