July 11, 2009

Are Christians' To Remain Passive?

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 14:51
Today's reading is by guest author Robert Melaccio, Sr.:

Are Christians To Be Silent About Sin, Injustice, Evil?

Robert Melaccio, Sr.

As a Christian I really have a concern here. Are we who say we are to be silent about sin, wrongs, injustice, facades, charades, fabrications, irresponsibility and everything else this world can throw our way, or are we to be bold and speak out, face it, bring it into the light?

To quote the Pope Asia News 3/18/2009 “ YAOUNDE- “In the face of suffering, violence, poverty or hunger, corruption or abuse of power a Christian can never remain silent.”

What he is speaking to is all Christian who undergo, experience, know of, injustice, irresponsibility, a lack of compassion and caring, mercy and in general tolerating and allowing abuse, exploitation or anything negative or sinful to take place or hold it is encumbered, in my opinion for Christians to take an active stand against that in defense of the innocent, defenseless and all people.

Now if we as Christians are to put into work the lessons of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ then we are to love our neighbor. That is to defend them, help them, take care of them and truly be there for them in all ways even as we love ourselves. If we take that a step further and we are to love our father and mothers, then we cannot by God’s command allow anything to harm, hurt, abuse or destroy them in any way shape or form.

Now as we see these events take place we are not to respond in anger and wrath. No we are to address all things in love, patience, forbearance and long suffering. We are not to enter into conflict but it does not mean that we cannot confront what is wrong, unjust, evil, etc.

Did not Jesus show righteous indignation at what was taking place in His Fathers house? It was wrong, evil and he took direct action to resolve the issue. While we are urged not to take such direct action and show love even for o9ur enemies sometimes force is a required action to stop an injustice. We are not to sit idly by, silently, humbly while evil is done upon people. Yes pray, be humble, be patient but when necessary take action.

Ephesians 4:26 Paul Wrote “be angry and sin not.” It is finished with do not let the sun go down on your anger. [The rest of the story] In other words do not remain in anger. The lessons that are taught are that there is righteous and unrighteous anger and we must recognize the difference. Throughout the bible we are given lessons of God’s anger.

Righteous anger is toward the actions of men that directly or indirectly hurt others. What they do or fail to do. It could be against the conduct, neglect, abuse or disrespect that men use or implement. God does not jump start His anger it grows slowly until patience has worn thin and abuse become intolerable. Yes and one is not happy that it came to anger they are troubled by it. Their soul aches and feels heavy and burdened as if in sin when the sin is only applied when it becomes vindictive, self serving and personal.

Yet if we sense this and repent for the negative God understands why. If we seek vengeance and pursue wrath then we are not righteous about our anger. We have made it personal. Taking action to resolve an unjust is not in my opinion vindictive it may be required to help someone. Do not make it a point to be vindictive.

So can we speak out, should we speak out, must we speak out? I think the answers very clear under what circumstances, when and how the question.

You can read more from Mr. Melaccio on realconsiderations.blogspot.com or e-mail him directly at: tommeltimmy@yahoo.com

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2 comments on "Are Christians' To Remain Passive?"

Regina said...

I enjoyed your site and especially like how you touch on so many subjects in an environment based on Christian beliefs. I like how you invite people to share about every day things going on in their lives and you provide a safe arena for doing that.

Carol on 7/12/09, 3:36 PM said...

You are good. I love reading and learning. The variety of subjects is very addicting. Can't wait to see what next you write.


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