July 31, 2009

Government Guides Death

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 14:36

Don’t believe me? Just read Sec. 1233, Pg 425-426, Lines 22-25, 1-3 from the ‘ObamaCare Plan’ (HR 3200).

But guess what?

Although Congress is trying so very hard to shove this [crap] down our throats …

members of Congress will be exempt from being forced into this plan. Long story short? Our pals on Capital Hill will have a better plan which gives them the freedom all of us will be denied.

Now, isn’t that lovely...

For a “sneak peak” of this marvelous plan here’s a few excerpts to ponder upon:
• Sec. 123, Pg 30 - THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE deciding what treatments and benefits you get.

Sec. 152, Pg 50-51 - HC will be provided to ALL NON-US citizens.

Sec. 163, Pg 58-59 beginning at line 5 - government will have real-time access to individual’s finances & a National ID Health care card will be issued!

Sec. 163, Pg 59, lines 21-24 - government will have direct access to your banks accounts for electronic funds transfer.

Sec. 164, Pg 65 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions & community organizations (ACORN).

Sec. 201, Pg 72, Lines 8-14 - government is creating an HC Exchange to bring private plans under government control.

Sec. 203, Pg 85, Line 7 - Specifications of benefit levels for plans means that the government will define your HC plan and has the ability to ration your healthcare!

• Sec. 205, Pg 95, Lines 8-18 - The government will use groups (i.e., ACORN & AmeriCorps) to “inform and educate” (sign up) individuals for government plan.

Sec. 312, Pg 145, Line 15-17 - Employers MUST auto-enroll employees into public option plan.

Now there’s lot’s more but have you had enough yet? Blood boiling yet? Some yes… some no, huh? Okay, let’s include a few more for the “fence-sitters”.
• Sec.59B, Pg 170 Lines, 1 - Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes.
(Americans will pay for their healthcare.)

• Sec. 431, Pg 195, Lines 1-3 - Officers and employees of HC Administration
(government) will have access to ALL Americans financial and personal records.

• Sec. 441, Pg 203, Lines 14-15 - “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated
as tax” – mmm.. says a lot, ‘ya think?

• Sec. 1145, Pg 272 - Treatment of certain cancer hospitals: Cancer patients and their treatment are open to rationing!
There’s more, folks, much more. For those who desire to read the entire bill click here.

It’s time for America to stand firmly together in complete solidarity and tell the turkeys on Capital Hill:

Simply click on the eagle graphic on the left and join the thousands who have already signed
the petition against this outrageous health bill.


The following video, courtesy of You Tube, is a prime example of our future... so relax, grab a snack and have a laugh while you still can...

And that, folks, is how it is today on Friday, July 31, 2009 and... May God help us all.

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Anonymous said...

I am appalled with where our government is going and am thankful for people like you who are not afraid to educate and be a voice for our beloved God and nation. God bless you. This blog is excellent and I will pass this onto many others. Please keep up the good work


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