July 29, 2009

‘ObamaCare’ Pressures Elderly To Die...

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 00:37

among other things.

Well, I’ve read the bill… yup, all of it and I am now convinced that Obama and his crew are dangerously insane but I have an idea:

While everyone on Capital Hill shuffles off for their August break (before signing this outrageous piece of crap), I suggest Obama, Pelosi and all the other power hungry nuts up there try out this health care plan for themselves before they introduce it to anyone.
Ooooh… betcha if they have to give up their private health care this bill will never pass… wanna bet? Within the following You Tube video, Betsy McCaughey Exposes Obama Healthcare Lies:

I’ve a better idea yet: America, “just say no!” and sign the “Free Our Health Care Now” PetitionWe must stop the government before it’s too late!

How long are we going to allow these fools to insult us and destroy our America further?

America, wake up before it’s too late and may God help us!


2 comments on "‘ObamaCare’ Pressures Elderly To Die..."

Carol on 7/29/09, 9:45 AM said...

I have never been so scared. He is driving things into the ground of beyond Socializm. What will stop him. The hill surely won't. Bluedogs where are you.

JH Griffin on 7/30/09, 1:50 PM said...

Like you I am scared. Obamacare will literally kill us. I'm 62 and friends of mine were lucky enough to get medical care they wouldn't have gotten under Obamacare. I don't ever see a cure for Alzheimers because of the cost/benefit analysis under this system. Why waste money on a sixty year old when a thirty year old has more years and would benefit more?


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