April 3, 2009

Recession Is Driving America’s Demand For Abortion

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 10:42

So says Bonnie Erbe, contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report and host of PBS’s weekly new analysis program, To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe.

In her April blog, Erbe rants, “…The recession is driving American demand for contraception. And for abortions. The media have been rife this past week with stories about the rising number of couples and single mothers doing the math and deciding this is no time to bring a child into the world—not when the economy is depressed, jobs are scarce, and family incomes are dropping.

The media have also been rife with stories portraying this trend as something of a tragedy. Let me propose a counter view: It is not.

The Associated Press ran a story on March 25 that read as follows:
"The pregnant woman showed up at the medical centre in flip-flops and in tears, after walking there to save bus fare. Her boyfriend had lost his job, she told her doctor in Oakland, Calif., and now—fearing harder times for her family—she wanted to abort what would have been her fourth child.

"This was a desired pregnancy—she'd been getting prenatal care—but they re-evaluated expenses and decided not to continue," said Dr. Pratima Gupta. "When I was doing the options counseling, she interrupted me halfway through, crying, and said, 'Dr. Gupta, I just walked here for an hour. I'm sure of my decision….'"


Isn’t this the same woman who, in 1995, compared partial birth abortions to the "production of veal." Ms. Erbe stated on the November 3, 1995, PBS's To the Contrary:
“…But aren't most medical procedures, when you describe them in detail, pretty disgusting? Isn't, for example, the production of veal, when you describe it in detail, and how people eat meat, when they crunch down on the flesh of living beings, formerly living beings with their teeth. Isn't that pretty gruesome, too?...
There used to be a time in history when right was right and wrong was wrong regardless of circumstances. When did society become numb? When did fighting for human life become irrelevant? When did we choose to fire God? As “learned” as we are, we have become a deceived and valueless society.

How a child’s life has become irrelevant in a bad economy is beyond me… A civilization without God will perish; just take a look back in history.


The following video, Letter From An Unborn Baby, courtesy of You Tube.


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