November 27, 2008


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Greetings fellow bloggers!

Since I've intended this blog to be a "safe-haven" for all Christians to share "life as it happens," I am thrilled to step aside today for guest author, Robert Melaccio, Sr. If anyone else is interested to "guest author" on this blog, feel free to e-mail me at Please be advised that all material is subject for approval.

In the meantime, following are Mr. Melaccio's thoughts for the day:


Why Do We Believe Democracy Started In Early Greece?

While certainly the foundations of democratic origins are strong within the Greek civilization and there is no doubt they formed many of the foundation concepts used in today’s democracies. Yet, how many actually realize that the roots of freedom and justice started with God and His written Word?

Now we don’t have to write a considerable amount of words to describe democracy, its intent, definition and objective. No, the facts are before us all. However, because of the false belief the bible is just myth or fable the credit for democracy has not been attributed to God. Thank God the belief in the bible as fable or myth has long since been proven false for those who understand archaeological finds. The written word does in fact establish Gods plan as freedom, justice and equality for all men. Certainly the foundation pieces that our very forefathers gleaned the Constitution come from a very definitive belief in God and His law.

The rights and expectations of all men are clearly defined in God’s Word. And if actually His followers were to do them, rather then just profess them, this world quite frankly would be a much better place then it is. We can certainly digress into a multitude of directions concerning that statement. Yet it is sufficient to say if one looks, interprets and understands the truth of God’s Word, one could not find fault with what I am stating. In fact I am just reiterating what many scholars have already stated.

So here is the assignment for those who profess:
Do we see Gods work at play in our government? In our laws? In the application of those laws? In their impact to others positively or negatively, such as the legalization of usury? Do those laws truly provide, justice, equally and to all in fairness without exception or not? Does our laws show compassion and mercy, tolerance and long-suffering patience to all? Do our laws and those who make and administer them show love of neighbor and of life above all things?
I for one believe that this Republic of the United States of America was intended to follow the laws of God as closely as any government could. Yes, with respect for religious and other differences, tolerance and freedom and justice for all. Is that not God’s attributes. Freedom of choice within His laws, tolerance and compassion for those who digress and wonder and help and compassion and mercy for those who need it?

Yes who can stand before God and say religion and politics do not mix? I fear for those who would take the rights, freedoms and protection from the unborn for their own beliefs, agenda, and doctrines. Liberty and justice for all, especially the innocent and those less fortunate, unable to defend or provide for themselves. Dependent of a free, just and compassionate society. What is God’s view of the defenseless, exploited, the poor and the needy? Does that view reflect in the works and deeds of we who profess?

No I judge no one, since God Himself has allowed freedom, called choice. It is everyone’s to make. I just point out the responsibility of all within Gods democratic system in consideration of all.

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The following video, We Need God in America Again, courtesy of You Tube.


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Clay on 11/28/08, 9:36 PM said...

I have heard a lot of people saying that God gives us what we deserve in a leader. This is an interesting blog.


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