November 21, 2008


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Greetings fellow bloggers!

Since I've intended this blog to be a "safe-haven" for all Christians to share "life as it happens," I am thrilled to step aside today for guest author, Robert Melaccio, Sr. If anyone else is interested to "guest author" on this blog, feel free to e-mail me at Please be advised that all material is subject for approval.

In the meantime, following are Mr. Melaccio's thoughts for the day:


The Simplicity of God

What do I mean by the simplicity of God? Well one must go back to the very simplest of thinking to grasp this. First let us offer up these three things to see if you agree or not? Basically God in my opinion is saying we should Love Him. That is the primary command and with our whole heart and soul. No he did not say a fraction, a percentage, he said whole, 100%. Next God said, not me now, we should honor Him. How do we do that? Well we praise Him; we worship Him; we respect Him. We also do that by being a doer of His Word. That is in thought, word and get this deed. Finally we come to Obey Him. That is summed up in Luke “Why do you _____ call me Lord, When you _________do NOT follow my commands? A very direct question to those who, get this, “profess” to be believers in Him.

Now I’m no priest or religious zealot; I’m just an average person who professes a belief in Jesus Christ as my Lord, My Savior, MY God. I suspect many of you are the same or at least thinking about it. Those who reject outright, well that is their choice. You see everyone is given a choice that they may come “freely” to Him. Certainly when Christ was before pilot and I’ll out this into my words, Pilot said “Don’t you know I hold the power of life and death over you.” Now one can just see Jesus standing there humbly, thinking, “please, give me a break, do you really believe that?” Jesus replied: “you have nothing [nada, zilch, zero] except that which His Father allowed Pilot to have.”

So if we believe or I should say we profess to believe then why do we, try to say what God has said to suit our own ideologies and beliefs? One could write a book but it will never match God’s. Ok, one needs an example. Let us take the main topic from this site “Abortion.” You will certainly hear everything from disdain, to conflict, to anger, to rejection, to belief and certainly that one word, choice followed by I. A very significant I. Yes what you believe, your doctrine, your ideology, your opinion, your perspective. It really is simple, yours.

So if we say, once again say, we believe in God, then why do we dare and I do mean dare challenge Him, His teachings, His Word? He did not say here is my Word go and correct it, use it as you see fit, change it as necessary. No He said this is His Word. Well once again we hear the argument God wants us to read and understand His Word and apply it in our life. Ok, no argument.

But why would God make a man and a woman? Why did he say go forth and multiply and have dominion over all the earth? What is emphatic since then is a man and woman are to join in marriage and conceive and bear children. Please correct me but I don’t recall God saying let two men or woman go forth, marry and bear children? In fact God is emphatic about Homosexuality as an abomination. Now certainly man will change that to suit their own version, doctrine, belief but why would anyone challenge what God said who is a believer? Now in keeping with the theme of this site, to procreate requires a man and a woman. “The fact that God formed us in, get this, our mothers womb speaks to the method that life enters this world. NO not in a test tube. A union between two people, brought about by love for the purpose of life.

Now when does that life take form, shape and become life? Well sperm, active, living components of a man and a woman join together and I believe at that moment life begins. Two living things giving life to another living thing. From then on that new life grows as a unique creation. Are you going to tell me that sperm is not life? Then I ask you are cells alive, living and part of us? Do they not live and die and multiply each day. Sop sperm cannot be alive? I think not but once again only my belief based on, get this, my belief or should say as a professed believer in Jesus Christ. I do not doubt God, nor God’s intent. It is that simple.

So if we study the transformation from one living cell to a unique individual we see that life was always there. It didn’t just start but an individual being started through once again the union of two as God ordained.

Now if you profess why do you not believe? Well it is simple once again and we must examine our very selves. How does anyone profess to be a believer but not do the works of a follower. How is it that mercy, compassion, love, consideration is not the fruits of your work? How can we go through life coveting, wanting, doing or not that which harms others. In this case the death of life, innocence, dependent on its mother, parents for survival.

No in my opinion we should not kid ourselves that we profess we are followers when we do not do His works. When we do not follow His commands. When we choose the doctrines of men and our own over His.

So if I have struck any cord at all I say praise God. For it is not I reaching out to you. I am a mere sinner unworthy to speak for God. For who is like unto God that one should dare speak for Him? No he has placed His Word before us and therein lies the answer. If you follow Him you know and do His Word. Rhetorically, could this be the time of separation? Is now the time to Look up? Perhaps yes, perhaps no but once again as a follower, a believer, one who professes He said, not I or any church or denomination “believers would know when my coming was even at the door”.

Is abortion a sign, are the doctrines of men a sign, is Peace and Security a sign one only has to ask, do you believe?

©2008 Robert Melaccio, Sr.


Robert Melaccio Sr. is 63 and has worked in the computer industry for 44 years in diversified business and managerial environments. These positions involved Computer Operations, Project Management, Technical and End User Support, Networking and Communications, Documentation and Training and Consulting, along with Disaster Contingency and Recovery Planning. Mr. Melaccio is also President and owner of C.O.P.P.S Continuance Operation Planning Protection and Security, which assists small business and individuals with establishing a functional continuation recovery plan. He enjoys freelance writing for Searchwarp and in between assignments he is a highly sought after Part Time Substitute Teacher, grades K-12. Along with his Youth Ministry he does seminars for young adults and pre teen groups as well as being an accomplished poet with numerous awards and published poetry. He is married and has three children and two grandchildren.


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Eric on 11/21/08, 10:51 AM said...

Beautiful site with great content. Sure to touch many. Best to you.

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I always love to see belief. You perked up my interest instantly. You might be interested in a film about revelations. It is called Timonium Crushed Discs. If you are just leave a message.

Basem on 11/21/08, 9:26 PM said...

Hi There I am a moslem ,believa in god, and i really like your work.


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