November 17, 2008

Who Kissed The Boo-Boo’s of Jesus

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 20:57
Mommy, do you think Mary had to change Jesus’ diapers when He was a little boy?"

“I don’t think diapers were as we know them to be today, baby girl, but whatever they used, I think so. He came into this world as a little baby and I think He grew into His knowledge of being God as He got older."

“Mommy, do you think Jesus got boo-boos when He was little?"

“I think so, Laura. I think He may have gotten many and I think that when He did, He cried, just like you do. I also think that Mary and Joseph kissed His boo-boos and hugged Him like Daddy and I do to you to make them all better."

“Mommy, did Jesus call Mary ‘mommy’?"

“I’m not sure, sweetie. I don’t understand the language they spoke, but I’m sure it was something close."

“You know how you feel bad when I’m hurt or sad, Mommy?"

“Yes, I do, baby girl, why?"

“Well, when Mary saw her son die on the cross, I bet she must have cried so hard, don’t you think, Mommy?"

“I do, baby girl, I do."


Satisfied and with no more questions (for now, at least), Laura went outside to play. As I watched her from my dining room window, I began to wonder myself. We know what the Bible says about Jesus, but since He did come into this world as Man, surely He must have felt all the things that humans do.

We know that He wept for Lazarus and righteously got angry in the Temple but what was His family life like? Did they laugh together? Did Mary and Joseph teach and protect their child still knowing that He was God? Did Joseph ‘have to teach’ his son carpentry? Did Mary stay up all night to nurse her son when He was sick? Did Mary weep for her son?

I think so.

I believe that Mary, as with all woman, delighted in the development of the child growing within her womb. I believe that with every inward kick she felt, she rejoiced and was filled with anticipation. I believe that once He was born, she counted all ten of His little toes and fingers.

I believe she loved her child deeply with the knowledge of His Mission. I believe, also, as the years progressed, that Mary held many wounds deep within her heart.

Whenever I hug my little girl, I wonder how Mary felt while hugging her own son. Whenever Laura does something that amazes me, which is often, I wonder about Mary’s own amazement with her son. I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt when their Son made His first chair. More so, I wonder the excitement Jesus must have felt showing it to them and seeing their joy.

Whenever I feel a little hand reach out for mine, or feel a little body crawl beside me in the middle of the night, I wonder if Mary cuddled with her Son as I do with my daughter. I believe she did, and I believe she stroked her Son gently to sleep. I believe that Mary lovingly kissed her Son’s forehead and loved her Him with all of her heart. And I believe, that Mary suffered with her Son as no mother ever had.

As a mother, I have doctored many of Laura’s ‘boo-boos’ and calm her when she is upset or scared. I also know the feelings of a Tigress and would go to any length to protect my child yet, once Jesus, Mary’s ‘little baby boy', entered public life, Mary could no longer protect her child. The time had come for her to unselfishly accept His Mission and associate herself with the sufferings of her child, the Son of God, deep within her heart.

Once her Son, Jesus, entered His public life, it is said, that Mary sustained herself with her enormous God given faith. Yet, as a mother, I mourn for her as she silently endured the cruelty and arrogance of people towards her Son and the tragic events of Calvary. I cry for her as she stood at the foot of the cross and witnessed her child’s suffering. My heart shutters as I think of what Jesus thought seeing His mamma at the foot of the cross He was dying on for all of mankind. I cannot imagine her grief as her Son’s body was taken off the cross and she held Him in her arms.

She was still human and she was still His mother.

Interestingly, motherhood has strengthened and personalized my relationship with a God I freely call ‘Daddy’. Motherhood has shown me the most insatiable love there is therefore enabling me to identify with Mary’s role more deeply. A parent’s love for their child is inexhaustible and unconditional. Mother’s have the capacity of ‘knowing’ their children and I believe that Mary not only knew her Son but also kissed every boo-boo He ever had, even the most intense ones once they reunited in Paradise. And I believe that with every kiss Jesus was comforted immensely.

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jody on 11/17/08, 10:10 PM said...

well writen...easy to read.

Jennifer on 11/17/08, 11:25 PM said...

Great site!!! The graphics load quickly. The articles are timely and well written. Definitely going my favorite list!!!

Lori on 11/18/08, 3:41 PM said...

What a beautiful post! I agree that mothering two sons gave a new depth to my relationship with Christ, and each day I love Him more and learn more about how magnificently He loves me too!


Lori on 11/18/08, 6:25 PM said...

"Life As It Happens" is a beautifully and thoughtfully written blog that left me thinking and musing long after I clicked away. Its uncluttered design places the emphasis where it should be - on the subject matter and the writing. I particularly like that many of the posts take on a story-like tone that kept me locked in until the end of each one. One that touched my heart held the humorous title "What Size Underwear Do You Wear?" But don't let the title fool you - there's a deep message hidden there! Don't miss this site. Judi will lead you to the Lord and introduce Him to you, because He is her friend..


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