January 2, 2009

2009: A Year of Renewal and Change

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 00:17
For many of us, the beginning of a New Year means a list of resolutions that focus on change and renewal. This year especially, most are worried and tired with the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. As a mother of a young child, I, too, worry about the future and what our children shall be inheriting.

With an abundance of foreclosures, lay-offs and business shut downs many of us are wagging our tails simply to live paycheck to paycheck. As yet another family is given a pink slip, we are lost at what the next step for survival is to be. But today, the first day of the New Year, I ask all Christians to stop and meditate on our Lord Jesus who is our only true answer for peace and freedom.

Most of us are running, working and gathering without blessing. America, on the whole, has compromised her values and is rapidly spiraling downward with most clinging on empty promises for hope and change.

Today I beseech all of us who profess to be followers of our Lord to recommit to the living Jesus and comprehend that, without Him, we have no future. In order to save ourselves as well as our America, we must sincerely surrender our lives into the hands of Jesus in order for Him to lead us and protect us from every adversity and evil.

As true followers of the King, we must not limit ourselves nor limit God! He sees His children as precious and unique. He rejoices over us and wants the best for us in all things. He is determined to stand up for each and every one of us and intervene in our lives but we cannot compromise our beliefs for the short-term solutions offered by the world.

Perhaps today, as a new year begins, we can take some time to recall all the ways God has blessed us in the past and then tell Him that you want to receive His gifts this year as well.

No matter what we face this year, we must trust that only God can heal our broken America and give us His peace. We must believe that His face is always shining on all us. As challenges arise in our lives, when we humbly turn to Him, we will know His strength through His presence. God has an amazing year in store for us if we sincerely repent as a Nation and allow Him back into our lives! Let nothing block his flow of blessings to our land and in our lives.


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