January 12, 2009

America's Transformation From “God-Lessness” To “God-Fullness”

Posted by Judi Lynn Lake at 09:59

I am neither a prophet nor a pundit. I am a simple woman who jots down thoughts while living "this I call my life."

In eight days, President-elect Obama will be sworn into office as our 44th President of the United States and I’ve never been more concerned for our America than now.

Is this personal?


For starters, his administration stands for so many things that I am against beginning with the Freedom of Choice Act.

I don’t believe that under any circumstances does anyone have to right to terminate a pregnancy regardless of the circumstances.

Even in cases of rape?

Yes, even in cases of rape.

I speak as a woman who had conceived from being raped and still believes in life.
It’s not our job to decide the fate of the unborn; it’s God’s job.

Is it too late for America to be healed?

I don’t think so but I believe America’s turmoil is a significant call for renewal and genuine repentance in our land. We, as Christ followers, need to earnestly seek God first and open our hearts up to the Holy Spirit so that our Nation can experience “the transformation from God-lessness to God-fullness.”

As Christ followers, we need to detach from our own needs and focus on the main message of humanity. Only when we accept its main message can we find true peace and all that we are asking Him for. In our modern world, I believe there is a fundamental mistake in asking for things instead of seeking God first.

Someone who is looking for things is not seeking God.

Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest will be given to you.” We cannot go into the depth of the Gospel if we do not seek this fundamental message.

Before God begins to take notice of our problems, we must first be concerned with the problem of God: what does God want of us.

The world, and our America, will not heal if it does not undergo a spiritual conversion. We, as Christ followers, must always walk the path of conversion or we will not progress in our spiritual lives and will never understand the power of the Resurrection.

We are all called to live life to its fullness and that only can occur with God. Remember when Peter said to Jesus, “Look, we have left everything and followed you and what do we receive?” And Jesus replied, “You will receive a hundred times more on earth and will be given eternal life.”

Beginning individually, if we start to live out the Gospel with love, we will soon discover that to live with the Lord is joy and, in this way we, will be able to bring the Gospel to others thus bringing about peace and healing to our land and to our world.

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4 comments on "America's Transformation From “God-Lessness” To “God-Fullness”"

Richard on 1/12/09, 8:20 PM said...

Good site. Not everyones views.

Anonymous said...

Judi, I think you have an answer. That does not make you wrong in your thoughts or what you presented for consideration. Nor deos it make the responder wrong just a different perspective, chocie. Your article summed up in Psalm 118.8 NRV. Best wishes,

Pastor Terry on 1/13/09, 5:46 PM said...

Amen to your post, sister!
Seeking God is our only hope!

Be blessed,
Terry Michaels
‘The preacher who hates religion and loves God’

Manue on 1/14/09, 2:15 PM said...

Thank-you for offering the wisdom that you share to all of us through your website...Have a great day! Rochelle


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